Pure and emerging coaching helps you maximize your personal and professional potential through a thought-provoking and creative process.

1 x 1 Executive Coaching

The process of coaching implies working with people to achieve their life and professional goals to create a more promising future. As coaches we follow the client´s agenda to understand their context so we can support them to move forward.

My 1 x 1 coaching program is action-based, and the pillars are action, courage and creativity, in an environment of collaboration and fun.


  • Self-awareness as the starting point for change. You can only change what you know. I will help you explore and experience your own patterns and wholeness. Notice your needs and learn how to meet them in healthy ways.
  • Develop influencing skills. Become a more effective leader improving interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence. Lead high performance teams through active listening and powerful questions.
  • Connect with your intuition. Embracing it as an additional source of information which will help you make better decisions.
  • Uncover the obstacles that are blocking your potential and obtain closure about unfinished business.
  • My coaching will help you make behavioural changes and improve personal performance.
  • Unveil your true company vision to make important business decisions and achieve results.
  • Self-belief and confidence increase by aligning your daily choices and behaviour with your values. Honouring who you are will give you and your business a sense of integrity, congruency and confidence. Values determine the rightness of choices.
  • Improve relationships with collaborators, employees, customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders.

Who this is for

  • Business executives and managers who wish to grow, exploring what they already are and what they potentially can become.
  • Business leaders, managers and directors who want to use coaching as a mechanism of transformation to unlock their potential.
  • Managers of high potential who wish to develop their leadership skills and emotional intelligence to manage high-performance teams.
  • Entrepreneurs who don’t see themselves as the finished product but as a “work in progress”. Those who have a commitment to improve; the courage to take risks and see failure as a way of learning.
One to One Coaching