Worth the wait

For a long time getting things done and reaching goals was my motto. ✨ Working at the highest pace gave me energy and I loved being productive. But since I started my journey in executive coaching and had the privilege of listening to the stories of my amazing clients, I’ve become much more aware of …

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Starting meditation brought a lot of frustration. ✨ I wanted to: ✔ be more present in my interactions with others✔ increase my self-awareness✔ have more clarity and balance I knew I had to start at some point, but never managed to really get going. 😅 Fast forward 365 days, and not only do I meditate every …

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Hello September

The summer is not over until we say it´s over. 💪 September is a fresh start! How do you want to live this week? Who do you want to be? I choose to be the best version of myself with my friends, family, colleagues and associates! 😍  And if I fail, it’s ok. I´m also …

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And back!

And back!   I took a few weeks off from work and it was great. But this morning I left my three kids at their school, and ran to my computer to do what I love the most: Executive coaching: Gestalt techniques: when I started coaching, I fell in love with Gestalt, these techniques work …

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The blind spot

The transformation starts when you discover your blind spot. ✨


We, as coaches, hold the mirror for the clients to look at themselves.

No time to sharpen my axe

Once in a while a woodcutter calls me: ✨

“Hey, sorry I have no time to sharpen my axe. I´m too busy cutting trees, and I have so many left: I´m overwhelmed, I can´t think right at the moment. Can we postpone our session? Can we start in two months?”