Career Development

Start where you are

Many people come to coaching because they want a way out, they don’t feel recognized at work, and they are eager to improve their situation somewhere else. They’ve lost motivation and start to explore other options. 👀 They look for someone to help them prepare for an interview and review their CVs. They 100% focus …

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There is no secret

¨I am constantly losing my balance. My skill lies in my ability to regain it¨. ✨ This is what Sensei told the young student; “there is no secret”. The question is not whether you will get knocked out. You will. The real question is whether you are able to get back on your feet and keep …

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3 things about gratitude

Thanksgiving is a weird celebration. 😝 The American movies show a giant turkey on a very well-set table surrounded by members of the same family. It’s like a small version of Christmas just a month before Christmas. But of all the festivities on the calendar, this is the one with the most powerful justification. 3 …

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Self-awareness ✨

So many people want to increase their confidence, raise their motivation, clear up unresolved issues with others. . . but because they are not being 100% honest with themselves, they start from a weak place and it’s difficult to move forward. When you are not the real you it’s easy to get stuck. Without radical …

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