Your comfort zone

One of my clients was very clear about what he had to do to reach his important and long-term goals.

But the truth is that he was too busy solving immediate and urgent tasks.

He was very productive in those areas where he performed well, but that place where he felt confident at some point became his limitation.

Our brain is wired to keep us safe and avoid danger for our own survival; so how do we convince ourselves to go to that difficult place where good things happen?

The Power of the Expert

November 2018.

I was the first participant going on stage. The classroom at IESE business school was full. My hands were sweating, and my heart was beating really fast. For a moment I couldn´t see, but somehow I remembered my lines and spoke.

Then. . . silence . . .

The power of a good conversation

For years, every morning I´d say hi to my neighbor ¨Guten Morgen, Frau Ruoss¨, ¨Guten Morgen¨. Es ist ein schöner Tag.¨ ¨Ja, es ist schön¨. ✨

One day during the lockdown, when we couldn’t go too far, we stopped, and with our language limitations, talked longer. We shared our situation, hopes and fears . . . And something changed.

Who do you admire?

This summer I asked my father who is the person he most admires. He said “Amancio Ortega”, the Spanish entrepreneur and founder of ZARA. Then I asked for key characteristics that define this person. He said:

Listening to explore

Last year all my relationships improved. With my family, friends, colleagues. . . even with our landlord. They were all affected by the fact that I’ve developed (also in my personal life) the number one skill that you need when coaching others, and that is listening.