One thing you didn´t know about me

I lived in China in my thirties.

I worked at an impo/expo company and studied Chinese at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai.

One day I was with my boyfriend (now husband) at a restaurant, and the waitress handed us the bill with questions about the service. I wrote ¨the beer is not cold¨ in Chinese characters. My boyfriend freaked out!

Exploring was our thing and we visited 15 amazing countries. I remember one December full of foreign adventures: Christmas in Hong Kong, New Year in the Philippines meeting strangers. . . 

Now I have 20 Christmas shows and events at the school, and a trip to Spain, the same trip we´ve taken in the last 10 years. 😱

Wow. Life changes. 

My thirties were fun. But giving chocolate cereal for breakfast to three kids and getting them out of the house all clean and neat to be punctual for school is a much bigger adventure. Add a business call at 9am and have an electrifying morning! 🙌