Self-awareness ✨

So many people want to increase their confidence, raise their motivation, clear up unresolved issues with others. . . but because they are not being 100% honest with themselves, they start from a weak place and it’s difficult to move forward.

When you are not the real you it’s easy to get stuck. Without radical self-honesty nothing flows. You start in a dark place with no clarity, and you feel unbalanced. 

Self-awareness is about accepting your limitations, and being ready to be vulnerable. But you need to be clear about yourself first, then you move forward to get the clarity you need outside.  

Only being yourself with your flaws and powers (yes, it´s also about embracing your strengths), can you start that journey to more confidence, more motivation, and better relationships.

Being yourself is the easiest thing to do… when you know yourself!

Executive coaching can help you increase your self-awareness in a business context. 🌼