Start where you are

Many people come to coaching because they want a way out, they don’t feel recognized at work, and they are eager to improve their situation somewhere else. They’ve lost motivation and start to explore other options. 👀 They look for someone to help them prepare for an interview and review their CVs. They 100% focus on a process that can be long and difficult and skip an important part:

– You have to work on yourself first, improve your current situation, and increase the quality of your relationships internally. 💐
– Without noticing, you will project a more positive image that will help you change direction in a healthier way. During your transition period, you want to be at your best, so start where you are.
– This is a marathon, and the stronger you feel at the starting point, the better you will finish. 🥇

Get ready for those conversations and enjoy the ride!

What is your experience with transitions?