There is no secret

¨I am constantly losing my balance.

My skill lies in my ability to regain it¨. ✨

This is what Sensei told the young student; “there is no secret”. The question is not whether you will get knocked out. You will.

The real question is whether you are able to get back on your feet and keep moving in a productive direction.

When you lose balance it’s difficult to see the way out. You might try all the strategies that have worked in the past with no success.

This brings frustration, and sadness. You get stuck.

The way coaching helps you regain your balance is by accompanying you toward making powerful choices and bringing awareness to those choices.

It sounds crazy, but it’s not so much about trying to regain balance as it is as being aware there are other choices you could have made and still can make. 🌺

Too complicated? Book a free discovery call with me and let me explain you better how this works.

What strategies work for you?

Have a great and balanced day!