Two unfounded myths about coming back from vacation 🙄

“My holidays were perfect.”
First of all, nothing is perfect. In my case:
➖ It was a lot of work to take care of three kids under the age of 12.
➖ All the wining and dining left me with zero energy.
➖ Sometimes it was VERY hot! 🔥

Now I’m sitting at my desk supporting my clients and working on my programs and workshops for Q4. And it feels good. I’m eating well and going to the gym, I’m feeling healthy and loving my routine! I would not stay on holidays forever.

“I recharged and gained my motivation back.”
Secondly, if you were feeling stuck in your career when you left the office:
❌ Not feeling recognized at work despite being really good at what you do.
❌ If the lack of recognition triggers your fear.
❌ And that fear paralyzes you.

Then you will probably come back to the exact same point in very little time. The holidays don’t have the power to transform anything. Things won’t change unless WE make them change!

You need a proper strategy with simple methods that will allow you to advance in your career. It’s not about being obsessed with the completion of the task anymore. It’s about being more present, more confident, more influential. And getting there from a healthy place.

How does your weekend look like?