Work on yourself and alter the way you show up

Work on yourself and alter the way you show up internally BEFORE starting your transition outside.

I see many people coming back from holidays full of energy and ready to give their job another chance. But after a week, they go back to exactly the same place they were before the holidays. 🙄

They are really good at what they do but feel they are not recognized in the workplace and lose motivation. They want a way out and consider executive coaching to work on that transition. But the truth is that the transition hasn’t started yet.

Leaving your current company can be hard. And the number 1 rule is to find a job while still employed. Sometimes the process takes longer than expected. I recommend my clients first work on themselves and alter the way they show up internally. You need to build strong relationships and transform that frustration into excitement BEFORE starting the real transition. Get ready for those conversations while you are still recharged after vacation. 💪

It’s not easy, but it takes small changes to your own thinking and behavior to create huge advantages at work.

What do you miss the most about being on holidays?