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Learn how to master coaching skills, boost your career and achieve the recognition, promotion and salary you deserve

Hi, I´m Virginia Molet. Nice to meet you!

And you are. . . a top performer who delivers high quality work. . .

  • But despite your amazing results you are not getting the career advancement you deserve.
  • You are a high-achieving professional and have no reason to worry, but you put the highest pressure on your life and your career.
  • You work too many hours, accept all the ¨challenges¨ and still feel you don´t have a big presence in the workplace.
  • Some work relationships take up too much energy you’d prefer to invest elsewhere, and difficult conversations make you anxious.

I hear you. You are stuck and want more from your career.

Many high-achieving professionals like you want to be recognized for the work they do; they want to be paid their worth, but when they face their reality they feel blocked and see no advancement. Then they get more frustrated and their levels of stress increase. It affects their productivity.

But you can change this. Believe me when I tell you there is a better way.


What clients are saying...

What makes this posible?

5 steps high-achieving corporate professionals
use to get the recognition, promotion and salary increase they deserve.

In this free 45-minute seminar, you’ll learn everything
you need to know to get started and boost your career.

This is my story…

I have 20 years of experience in business development and HR. The last 11 years of my corporate life, I worked at a billion-dollar company, travelled the world and regularly worked with people of over 50 nationalities.

I was a reliable high-achieving professional, always getting things done and achieving my goals, but deep inside I felt trapped and disconnected from myself and others.

I then discovered coaching as a client and went through a journey of introspection that transformed me. I was able to connect with people at a deeper level, and ask for what I really wanted at work. I stepped up a level.

For the first time I started to listen to myself, and realized I needed things to change, but had no idea how.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”. Albert Einstein

Then the pandemic hit Europe in 2020, and everything changed. . .