Hi, I´m Virginia and this is my Story...

Where it all began

I started my professional career helping my father set up his business, a real estate agency in Madrid. I daily walked the streets, made hundreds of cold calls, and conducted aggressive guerrilla marketing campaigns. . . As tough as those years were, they taught me the importance of being resilient at work.

I embraced the power of persistency and developed a stubborn personality while enjoying watching the business thrive. In 5 years the agency was the number one in the domestic market, and the satisfaction of reaching that point sparked my passion for business.

But I wanted more and dreamed about working at an international company in a big corporation. When I started at the largest private education company in the travel industry worldwide, I was thrilled. My entrepreneurial spirit was an asset, and I worked there for 11 years. I moved from my hometown, Bilbao, to the headquarters in Zurich where I was given numerous opportunities to grow in different roles in business development.

In my last years I moved to the Recruitment and Employee Development Department where I was responsible for LatAm, and other European markets. With that role my enthusiasm for the processes of learning and personal growth was born.

As much as I enjoyed working internationally and spending every other week in a city around the world, deep inside I felt something was missing.

The turning point

During my time in HR I realized I was continually involved in training programs for others, and focused on their career progress and motivation, while never actually looking at my own achievement and development. And when I looked at myself I discovered I was not fulfilled.

"I was just waiting for things to happen,
and I wasn’t the driver of my career"

I was not happy because I was just waiting for things to happen, and I wasn’t the driver of my own career. I started my personal development journey and needed someone to accompany me, so for the first time in my life I hired an executive coach.

He helped me explore my patterns and wholeness, and reaching higher levels of self-awareness was an incredible learning experience. I was able to see things from a different perspective and to connect with myself. The impact was huge: not only professionally, but also on my personal life. I became very curious about the practice and started exploring executive coaching and its techniques.

I connected with others at a deeper level and this had fascinating consequences. At that point I was very clear, I wanted to be the driver of my destiny, but I was stuck and didn´t know how to move forward.

Then the pandemic hit my industry hard and gave me the opportunity to make a radical change. I had experienced the life-changing benefits of coaching, and I had the urge to help others unlock their potential. I wanted to support others to be better versions of themselves.

Bringing me to now

The last day of my corporate life was the first of my coaching business. This time I put my entrepreneurship to work for me. I was obsessed with the art of coaching, and in charge of my future, so I soon became an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified coach and studied an Applied Positive Psychology Master´s.

Since then I have been fully dedicated to coaching leaders from all around the globe, and have had the privilege of helping hundreds of professionals. Today, I am proud to coach senior executives in some of the largest companies in the world.

"Combining my two passions, coaching and business, I enable high-achieving professionals to strengthen their leadership"

Through these years of practice I have developed a program that helps top performers just like you to expand their influence and increase their executive presence. My system teaches high-achieving professionals to develop the confidence they need to gain the recognition and respect they deserve for the excellent work they produce.