10 things I’ve learned from my clients. ✨

The last 30 months I’ve been fully dedicated to coaching individuals and helping them reach their goals.

This is what they´ve taught me:

✔ Most have difficulties seeing their own strengths, but they can recognize them in the people they most admire.
✔ The biggest shifts happen after a moment of reflection and increased self-awareness.
✔ Sometimes we want to escape from a company or a position because we hate the feeling of being judged.
✔ Even the most senior person in a company has emotions that have been triggered by an external situation. Processing those emotions generates feelings.
✔ We all underestimate the importance of self-care until we suffer the consequences of not prioritizing our health.
✔ Everything happens in one of two conversations: if we have a problem with someone and don’t talk to them, we will have a conversation with ourselves.
✔ Transformation happens when you face that inner dialogue and how it makes you feel. Everything changes when you start believing in yourself like others do!
✔ There is a big fear of being vulnerable in the workplace and we all care about what others think about us.
✔ The more you bring to coaching the more you get. Courage and authenticity are substantially rewarded.
✔ Everybody loves coaching! ❤